1940 till 1943

In September 1941 Paula’s husband Walter died. According to the funeral certificate, which we received from the Jewish Cemetery Weißensee, he died of gastric tumor and exhaustion. He died in the flat in Goethestraße 12. He was buried like his parents Ida and Moritz in the Jewish Cemetery Weißensee.

From that time on, Paula was alone – without son, without husband. The flat was very huge, perhaps that is why she decided to take some subtenants. This we know from documents that are archived in the “Brandenburgisches Landeshauptarchiv Potsdam”. At the beginning of 1943 two other persons lived in the flat with Paula Dienstag: Hans Israel Wolff, one room, he paid a rent of 55 Reichsmark and Alice Sara Hoymann, one room, she paid a rent of 45 Reichsmark.